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Prices Playschool

  • Playschool € 4,00 each
  • Nursery and school groups
    € 6,00 each
  • Teaching staff free

Combined ticket Sagamundo & Granatium

  • Playschool € 6.50 each
  • Nursery and school group 
    € 11.50 each
  • Teaching staff free

Current Programme

Haus des Erzählens - Museum in Döbriach

A museum visit in Carinthia at Lake Millstatt

What awaits you:

In a magical way, together with your group you will go on a journey of discovery in a house full of magical mythical beings! Have you ever seen the lake mermaid Aurelia from Lake Millstatt swimming? Or perhaps listened to the singing of the forest fairy Florauna? Have you ever met the Mirnock giant? At Sagamundo, you will meet these and countless other mythical beings, together with a narrating guide. The guided tour is suitably adapted to the age of the group.